"Thanks again for all your great suggestions! I've really incorporated your advice into my eating habits and feel great about it. I'm enjoying food again and having fun cooking, shopping and planning what to eat. As you predicted I feel much more full and nourished than before."

Formerly Bored by Food

"Thank You! I feel healthier, stronger, I have more energy, my blood pressure is normal, and I use almost no antacid. I consume very low amounts of salt and almost no sugar, and no caffeine. Add to that I actually enjoy eating. I look forward to my meals. And shopping for food isn’t a chore. So I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. Thank you."

Male Client Living Alone

"Jocelyn has been extremely helpful. She is very professional and obviously highly educated in nutrition. I appreciated her evaluating and integrating information about my personal and family medical history and ethnic background and how that impacts nutrition for me. I did a lot of reading of several books and I still learned much valuable and important information about nutrition during pregnancy at my meeting with Jocelyn. She is very comfortable to work with and I enjoyed having her in my home! Additionally, I greatly appreciate her availability to answer questions after our meeting.

Prenatal Client

Jocelyn Dubin is a nutrition consultant for ETR Associates. ETR has produced health materials for over 20 years in a number of areas, including nutrition and fitness. We distribute our materials nationally to thousands of health professionals who depend on us to help them educate their clients. When Jocelyn has reviewed our content, I feel confident we're providing educators with the most accurate, up-to-date nutrition information available.

Jocelyn is a pleasure to work with. Her work is of the highest quality and she is friendly, organized and professional. I feel fortunate to have access to her nutritional expertise.

Kay Clark, Editor
ETR Associates